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Questions & Answers

What is astrology? 

It is the base of science. Astrology studies the mathematically based interaction between the sun, moon, planets and life on earth. These mathematical cycles provide us information that gives meaning to the personality, individuality and the timing of events in one’s life. Astrology also addresses historical, political and economic events..

How do we predict the future?

The predominant tool and techniques are used by us to forecast is the physical movement of the planets in their regular orbits around the sun and the moon’s orbit around the earth. These moving points are compared with a snapshot of the position of these very same planets at the time and place of an individual’s birth. Astrologers analyze economic and political issues by observing the planetary patterns and comparing them with historical events.

Are you confused about taking a major decision in any subject?

I can assure you that my Astrology with 19+ yrs experience will simplify matters in your life.

Are you stuck with career, relationship, money or education issues?

We provide quick, accurate answers & solutions base on your Kundli Or Vastu.

How is astrology & vastu used?

Astrology & Vastu offers a perspective on life that is a helpful guide to self-understanding and making choices when used intelligently. Astrology can also be used to create a time map to find the “event-ful” periods in an individual’s life. The perspective gained from astrological information can help people make more informed decisions in their everyday lives. We have expertise on it.

What is the relationship between astrology and modern science education?

Historically, astrology was an integral part of science actually. In fact, much of modern science has its roots in astrology. In spite of this, modern rational science has excluded the subject from serious study if you see history. Recently, however, there has been a surge of renewed academic interest in astrology.