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Following Money and wealth

Balance your South East with Clubvastu

This direction is rulled by goddess ma Laxmi, every one know that this zone is suited for kitchen in your home which will keep the balance intact and many more rules are there for apply 


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Be Healthy

No more expenses in hospitals and in medicine – get done clubvastu and enjoy

mahavastu acharya vastu expert Sahu Ji in Indore says; Behind the vastu there is deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more easy to follow. The science of Vastu add value to one’s life and brings in peace / prosperity. For good health in vastu, we consider bed room and kitchen. Now people suffer by health issue but never try to search any vastu defect in own house nor try to consult with good vastu acharya. Here I try to say that if there is big health issue in house, immediate find out the health zone of house and correct it.

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Attract money

Attract more money, wealth & orders with Clubvastu…

You will get benefits the real of vastu shastra, scientific logics behind vastu rules, practical vastu techniques and easy to apply simple remedies to experience benefits of vastu shastra in your home / office / shop or factory.

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Corrections and renovate accordingly

In your living room:

The placement of every parts of your house in accordance to these important directions play an influential role in personal as well as overall development of your family. Depending on your Sun sign and moon sign, the direction of placement of rooms in your house may change. You might want to take the advice of a Clubvastu Acharya Manoj Sahu who would look into your full horoscope, signs and then guide you in the ideal direction. This would be based on your horoscope and numerolgy impact of the ruling planet together with the directional force exerted by the Vastu of your home. You construct your house but you can always do corrections and renovate accordingly.