remedy for overcome depression

Astrological Remedies for overcoming Depression

Depression may be a common but serious mood disorder. In medical terminology, it is often defined as a serious depressive disorder or clinical depression. 10 out of 9 people within the world are affected by depression. It exists within but very difficult to diagnose. In other words, depression may be a serious mental disturbance that slowly and slowly makes an individual confined and isolated from the outer world.

A frequent mood swing also indicates an onset of depression. Severe depression makes an individual highly gloomy, negative, and no interest in life. Being a victim of depression is like fighting with our own self, your mind goes out towards the darkness and this might be life-threatening also. Depression is often caused thanks to over-ambition, failure within the sexual love, failure in examination, relationship trouble, bad marriages, and financial constraints. If there’s endless change within the behavior of an individual, then it shows that he or she is affected by some depressive symptoms.

Astrological Remedies for overcoming Depression, best astrologer in Indore

The signs that are mostly seen are remaining isolated, unsocial, and unable to concentrate, and not going out anymore. Depression is the sum of two words “deep” and “pressure”. It means when an individual undergoes deep pressure thanks to some specific reason like married life, job, property, children, etc that make negative thinking and people negative thoughts convert into depression.

Some people get cured but some never begin after despite the many efforts. Depression becomes a significant matter if it punches fairly often and that they become the victim of it. don’t be concerned it is a part of our life, but if you do not figure it out then this might be a significant problem for you. To uproot these negative feelings from your life, you would like to ascertain it from the astrological way and this may really assist you out. Let’s tell you some simple remedies that you simply could follow to fight back.

Drinking water during a silver glass

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Drinking water during a silver glass can make your Moon stronger. consistent with Vedic astrology, Moon denotes water and signifies our feelings, emotions and surprisingly an individual with a weak Moon drinks less water, so intake of many drinks of water every day can strengthen it and can bring happiness, positivity, flourishing, and a lucky lifestyle.

Worshipping Lord Shiva and offering water
Keeping fasts on Mondays, Worshipping Lord Shiva, and offering water to Shivalinga on a positive day is going to be beneficial for you.

Wear silver

Astrological Remedies for overcoming Depression best astrologer in Indore

Wearing silver ornaments can help to diminish the malefic effect of Moon and removes the bipolar and depressive syndrome.

Keep good relations together with your mother

Keep good relations together with your mother. Moon signifies mother during a horoscope online, so obey her and takes blessings from her. If you don’t have a mother, then respect elderly and old women.

Recite Mantra

According to Hinduism, Shiva may be a God related to Moon. Regular enchanting of mantras “Om Namah Shivaya”, or the other mantra associated with Lord Shiva can bring happiness and charm within the life. a daily prayer to Shiva with complete commitment and follow a path of truth and loyalty has been useful in balancing a Moon during a horoscope.

Astrological Remedies for overcoming Depression best astrologer in Indore

Planetary effects

The Ascendant Lord: during a birth chart the foremost auspicious planet is that the one which governs the ascendant. The ascendant is that the 1st house of your birth chart. a robust and well-placed ascendant lord will let the rays of the ever-existing inner Sun illuminate your being in your hour of despair.

The Moon: Psychic Astrology

Moon is given much importance in Vedic Astrology as our ancient sages realised the importance and role of the human mind which is represented by the natal Moon. albeit you’re physically strong you’ll get depressed easily thanks to difficulties faced in life if your mind is weak. A weak or afflicted natal Moon may give a lack of self-confidence, fluctuations of mood, cloudy mentality, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.

The Sun:

In a birth chart, the Sun represents the core personality of the native additionally to overall health. a robust and well-placed Sun during a birth chart gives moral strength, inspiration, and undying hope even an hour of despair.


Our minds are often brought in check by the right use of our intellect and therefore the planet Mercury is that the key planet for this.

The Ascendant:

A strong and non-afflicted ascendant gives self-reliance and great strength to the person.

The 4th House:

Affliction-free 4th house gives peace of mind and influence of 6th, 8th and 12th houses or their lords on the 4th house and its lord deduct peace of mind and feelings of tranquility.

Psychological astrology:

Astrological Remedies for overcoming Depression best astrologer in Indore

Strength and auspiciousness of the 5th house give good intellect and skill to offer and receive love.

It’s very important to share what you are feeling from inside at this stage if your adversity and our professional astrologer is usually looking up for you to tug you out from this problem. Our team of best astrology consultants will hear you and can prescribe you the answer to your problem and guide you with astrology prediction.

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