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Astrologer Sahu Ji Astrologer | Sahu Ji | Sahu Ji Astrologer and Vastu consultant Indore | Astrologer Sahu Ji | Sahu Ji Indore: As we all know Sahu Ji is a well-known name in Astrology, Palmist, Numerologist, Kundali Vishlesan, Match Making, Vastu & numerology & is Best Vastu consultant in Indore city as well in India amongst other Jyotish, also an experienced astrologer from Madhya Pradesh, began Astrology in 2000 and established with registered astrology brand as ASTROLOGER SAHU JI in 2009. He is an expert on planet transit and its effects. His knowledge of Lal Kitab and Signature Reading is very high. He was awarded by Actor Jackie Shroff, Suniel Shetty, Lara Dutta, and Anupam Kher for best Vastu consultant in Indore Madhya Pradesh. Astrologer Sahu Ji is also awarded by “Pride Of Bharat”. His surname “Sahu” is actually his caste. So most people knew him as Sahu Ji Astrologer.

Astrologer Sahu Ji facilitated by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Ji

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Astrologer Sahu Ji

Vastu Expert in Madhya Pradesh

Call +91-9039 636 706

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AF – 6, Devansh Apartment,

Vijay Nagar, Schm. 54.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Drive Your Life Forward with Positive Vastu

Business vastu expert in MadhyaPradesh that empowers your collaborative world view Plans | Contact the Best Vastu consultant in Indore India

Best Vastu Consultant in Indore Madhya Pradesh India Astrologer Sahu Ji says we give reliable all-home, Vastu suggestions across India. This is the best source for Vastu in-house, office, corporate, and factory consultants. Call us now for basic Vastu for home. Without proper Vastu, you cannot grow faster in your business /career. We speak with you about the home entrance. This is very important for everyone. We will focus on Vastu bedroom washroom drawing room ideas in home Vastu. Call us any time or for any Vastu-related query to best Vastu consultant in Indore Sahu Ji.

Astrologer Sahu Ji Best Vastu Consultant in Indore Madhya Pradesh in India says a Vastu expert or consultant must have the power to know why your home or office is not peaceful, or what the reason behind hell life the family member and self is not happy. Vastu acharya astrologer Sahu Ji gives you the solution of Vastu dosha after assessing it.

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Home Vastu

Office vastu consultant

Office Vastu

Restaurent Vastu

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Factory Vastu

Astrologer Sahu Ji : A Complete Astrology and Vastu

Authentic & Genuine Vastu Consultancy Services with vastu expert in MadhyaPradesh for your Home

No demolition at all for better living

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Dowsing Rod

best vastu shastra and astrology consultant in Indore


best vastu consultant in Indore

Ranger Compass

best vastu shastra consultant in Indore

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Military Sighting Compass

Frequently asked questions on vastu;

Home Vastu | Office Vastu | Factory Vastu

best famous vastu consultant in indore madhyapradesh
How can you make a house as per Vastu ?

To make a house as per vastu, we need special care at the time of its design and planning. A vastu expert in MadhyaPradesh and civil engineer should do your building design.

Is vastu important for the house?

100% Yes! Indian vastu shastra is the science of architecture. At the time of building construction, you may apply this science.

Which vastu is suitable for a house?

A land (plot) is suitable for house construction if its shape is rectangular or square having good fertility for happy and successful life.

What is the best direction for your house to face?

All four directions (East, South, West, and North ) are equally suitable for facing. But the position of the main door is essential.

How does help to make a house design as per vastu?

Astrologer Sahu Ji provide professional vastu planning and design service online and personal meeting available. If you require our service, please get in touch with Astrologer Sahu Ji

Does Astrologer Sahu Ji provide an online vastu planning service?

Yes, Astrologer Sahu Ji provide online vastu planning service. Best astrologer and vastu consultant in Indore Madhy Pradesh Astrologer Sahu Ji also offers complete residential Home Vastu, commercial, and industrial Factory vastu solutions and vastu planning for homes, flats, offices, hospitals, hotels, clinics, showrooms, commercial premises, factory. Astrologer Sahu Ji personally visit the location with their team.

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Is South Facing House Unlucky ?

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Vastu For Restaurant

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Vastu For Rented House

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