Vastu tips to bring health and wealth

The science of Vastu adds value to one’s life and brings in peace and prosperity. Behind every Vastu tip may be a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow.

You’ll follow permanently luck to follow 

  • 1. Puja room may be a must in every house. and that we all know that the North East is the most auspicious direction. But the constant confusion about whether you ought to face the divine direction or the idols should be facing towards it remain because it is. Here’s the answer – one must face towards the North-East direction while doing prayers.
  • 2. to draw in good luck in 2020, you want to light a lamp a day within the evening near the water pot within the house.
  • 3. drinking fountain or paintings depicting water should be placed within the North or East direction. this may attract success, wealth, and prosperity to your life.
  • 4. Main door is a crucial element in Vastu. All the doors especially the most door should open inside in order that the energy remains inside. Also, do lookout that the hinges of doors shouldn’t resound. Grease them periodically to stay them noise-free.
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  • 5. If you’ve got a beam running inside the space wall, lookout that the bed shouldn’t be placed under the beam. This arrangement is bad for health.
  • 6. There shouldn’t be five corners within the ceiling of an area. If your room is made that way, then you’ll put bamboo flutes or small pyramids to curb its negative effects.
  • 7. The north-east direction of the house should be kept closed. Keep the space more open and lightweight. To store heavy items, south or southwest is that the ideal direction.
  • 8. Toilet may be a highly-debated area of the house as far as Vastu cares. The seat of the restroom should face North-South and will be closed when not in use.
  • 9. Almirahs and beds should be set very on the brink of the South-West wall and at a touch distance from the North-East wall.
  • 10. While beverage, keep your face towards North-East or east direction. this is often an excellent Vastu tip permanently health.
  • 11. Dining room should have an enormous mirror on the north or north-east wall which attracts wealth and prosperity.
  • 12. within the south-west corner of the house, one should sleep pointing his head towards the south.
  • 13. Pictures or photos depicting violence in any form shouldn’t be placed within the residence or place of business. Violence attracts negativity and you surely don’t want that in your growth and family.
  • 14. Place a red lamp or install a red light within the south for fame and success.
  • 15. South-west direction should have pictures of couples or families to enhance love, bonding, and relationships.
  • 16. Children should face within the north direction while studying to urge success within the examination.
  • 17. Bachelors who want to urge married should stay within the rooms situated within the north-west direction of their house or keep peony flowers within the south-west direction within the drawing-room.
  • 18. Cash should be kept within the drawers made within the north and a mirror should be installed inside the drawer to double your good luck.
  • 19. Wind-chimes with crystals should be placed on bedroom windows to attenuate fights reception and problems between the members of the household.
  • 20. Always confirm to stay in the middle of home a free area for the free flow of energies. this is often important for positivity within the house and for health and prosperity.

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