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Vastu Tips for Children’s Room

Special Vastu Tips for Children’s Room

We live during a competitive world where being ace is that the utmost requirement to measure an honest life. Every parent cares about the great future and education of their child. But sometimes in any case the efforts and diligence , your child doesn’t get the specified results. Lack of focus, low memory power and disturbed concentration are the few raging issues during a student’s life. the matter can dwell the Vastu of youngsters bedroom. By adopting the youngsters bedroom Vastu, one can remove these negative effects from children’s life.

As per the Astrologer Sahu Ji best Vastu consultant tips for children room is most important for everyone, and child kids room also should be according vastu because this is the time only where children need peace, determination and support the energy to get success.

Vastu Tips for Children’s Room to enhance Student’s Performance

This universe is surrounded by an invisible energy called Cosmic Energy. This energy is that the reason of either positivity or negativity within the house. If this energy is imbalanced then it affects your life during a negative way whereas a balanced energy causes positive results. These 3 principles explain about energy balance through three different rules. These 3 rules are:

A- Connect with cosmic energy through direction
B- Balance cosmic energy through structure
C- Channelize cosmic energy through chakras with the simplest direction, correct structure and active chakras, we will balance the energy and may provide free flow to comic energy with none obstruction.

We offer you effective solutions for balancing this energy by analyzing your date of birth. As per Guruji, “Vastu solutions like correct direction, structure and chakras are supported an individual’s date of birth”. Every individual has four favourable and 4 unfavorable directions. If you follow your favourable direction then you’ll achieve the simplest results and this is often decided by your date of birth.

A father has excelled within the studies but his child isn’t ready to attain the specified results of his diligence , it’s due to their different date of birth that needs separate Vastu for children’s bedroom.

A correct Vastu helps within the proper orientation and allows a toddler to possess healthiness and mind. you’ll follow few children bedroom Vastu tips:

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Follow the foremost favourable direction for youngsters 

  • Children’s classroom should be clutter-free and tidy.
  • Try to build a children’s room on the side of the house .
  • For girls, it’s good to create in the northwest.
  • For boys, it should be inbuilt either north or west.
  • Keep the centre of the space empty for free of charge flow of energy.
  • Do not place a bed directly opposite of the door. the huge energy from the door disturbs focus and peace of a toddler .
  • Bed should be placed within the South-West direction.
  • Study table is usually recommended to put within the northeast direction.
  • As per children bedroom Vastu, the color of the space should be light color.
  • As per Vastu, green color is most advisable because it increases creativity within the child. It also represents peace, greenery and freshness.
  • Bed and walls should have a couple of inches gap.
  • Books and shelves should be nicely arranged and arranged .
  • Do not place any mirror within the children’s bedroom.
  • Never keep TV within the children’s bedroom.
  • Cabinet or almirah should be placed within the south or west direction.
  • Use motivation quotes or posters within the room of youngsters .
  • If a laptop is important for his or her education purpose then place it within the North direction.
  • Windows and doors should be well-positioned for cross ventilation.
  • Study table should be square or rectangular in shape.
  • Students shouldn’t sleep and sit under the beam.
  • Keep the rest room door closed the children’s bedroom or classroom both if they’re separate.

With these 22 children bedroom Vastu tips, students can increase their focus and may retain their memory for better results. they will score good and enhance their performance

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