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Vastu for Restaurant: Important Things to Know

Every business requires sales and customers to succeed. Service industry is based on the quality of your services. In the service industry, if we think about food, then restaurants strike us at first place. If you own a restaurant and you are not able to identify the reason why other restaurants are doing good but yours? Reasons can be Vastu for restaurant. There can be multiple Vastu defects that affect the name, sales and popularity of your restaurant. So for a better business, you need a correct Vastu for restaurant.

As we all know energy is the vital factor that surrounds us. This energy is the foundation of Vastu Shastra. This energy needs to flow uninterruptedly for success and positivity. we provides you the solutions to balance the cosmic energy. “We all have four favorable and four unfavorable directions that are decided by an individual’s date of birth”. Using your favourable direction, you can bring positive results in your life. To balance this energy you need to follow our Principles. These principles suggest connecting with energy through direction, balancing through structure and channelizing through chakras. we provides you the best Vastu tips for your restaurant and booms your business. By following these tips owner removes the possibilities of loss.

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Here are the Vastu for Restaurant Tips:

  • Always set-up restaurant in your favourable direction
  • A chef should always face an entrance and never show his back to the main door.
  • As per Vastu for restaurant, facing east direction is considered lucky.
  • Your restaurant should ooze the vibrant and positive energy with bright colors.It also increases the appetite of the customer and attracts more of them.
  • Lighting in restaurant is a very important factor. It should be bright and shiny. It represents warmth.
  • If you are running any pub or bar then use dark colors.
  • Burners in the kitchen should face the South Wall.
  • Place an aquarium in the restaurant especially in the North corner.
  • Use mirrors on the walls as it increases positivity and prosperity.
  • As per Vastu for restaurant, it is advisable to make sitting arrangements on the first floor.
  • Apart from your exclusive favourable direction, in general keep the main main entrance in either east or north direction.
  • North-East corner of the restaurant should be clean and tidy.
  • Keep any water element like a water fountain in the North-East corner.
  • Reception should be in the North direction.
  • Kitchen is advised to be built in the South-East direction.
  • As per Vastu, a plot of your restaurant should be of a regular shape.
  • Store room of the restaurant is best in the South-West direction.
  • Never have any pillar, beams or arches in the restaurant. It causes losses.
  • Owner or person in charge of receiving cash should always face either the east or north side.
  • Never build your restaurant at any Vastu defected location. It harms your business.
  • Heavy electrical equipment like generators, invertors, geysers etc. should be placed in the South-East direction.
  • Toilets or utilities should be built in the North-West or West direction.

These Vastu tips for restaurant, helps you to enjoy a flourishing and booming business. It also helps to improve your services and good bond with customers.

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