Unique Relationship Between Health and Astrology

In modern times, astrology is understood solely for predicting the future, but its importance is much greater than that. Especially in the matter of health, astrology is a significant science that can guide us about our health tendencies, their treatment, and diagnosis. According to Best Astrologer of Indore Manoj Sahu Ji by studying the movements of astrological planets, we can understand how a particular planet affects our health. For instance, the position and conjunction of the Moon often impact a person’s emotional state and mental health. Similarly, the positions of planets like the Sun and Mars can cause variations in physical health and energy levels.

Through the specific aspects and conjunctions of astrology, we can find ways to improve our physical and mental health. Even by using astrology, we can schedule our diet and exercise routines at optimal times, which can be beneficial for our health.

Thus, astrology not only predicts our future but also helps us understand and improve our health. It is a unique science that provides us with distinctive perspectives to enhance our physical and mental well-being.

Health and Astrology: An Introductio

In astrology, a person’s horoscope is analyzed to understand their destiny, nature, and various aspects of health. According to this, the positions and influences of planets affect an individual’s physical and mental health. Astrology also suggests specific remedies to balance the planetary influences on a person’s health.

Influence of Planets on Health

health and astrology, best astrologer in Indore

  • Sun : The Sun is given great importance in astrology and is considered highly influential on our physical and mental health. According to astrology, the Sun affects heart diseases, blood pressure, and skin problems. It also influences our physical energy and enhances our vitality and activeness. Remedies for the Sun include Surya Namaskar, wearing a silver gemstone, and other practices. Surya Namaskar is a key yoga practice performed in praise of the Sun and helps improve physical health. Wearing a silver gemstone (pearl) also helps in enhancing physical and mental balance.
  • Moon : The Moon has a deep connection with mental health and anxiety in astrology. The position and condition of the Moon can impact a person’s emotional state and mental health. If the Moon is not favorable, it can cause issues like anxiety, depression, and mental instability. Remedies for the Moon include chanting Chandra Mantras for mental peace, wearing a silver ring, and practicing moon meditation or wearing moonstone to enhance mental balance and reduce anxiety.
  • Mars: Mars is considered a significant planet in astrology, influencing physical energy, blood-related issues, and wounds. This planet plays a crucial role in physical functionality and disposition. If Mars is unfavorable, it can lead to anger, instability, and blood-related problems. Remedies for Mars include practicing Mangal Namaskar (similar to Surya Namaskar) and wearing a red coral gemstone to stabilize and activate physical energy.
  • Mercury: Mercury is deeply connected with intelligence, memory, and communication in astrology. The position and condition of Mercury significantly affect a person’s mental capacity, memory, and communication skills. If Mercury is not favorable, it can lead to memory loss, intelligence issues, and mental disarray. Remedies for Mercury include practicing Budh Namaskar to enhance its positive influence, using water for purification, and chanting Budh Mantras to improve mental capacity and communication skills.

Connection Between Ayurveda and Astrology

Both Ayurveda and astrology are ancient Indian sciences with a profound connection that promotes a balanced and prosperous life. In astrology, the positions and conditions of planets hold special significance affecting a person’s physical and mental health. Especially, planets like the Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus have specified effects on human physiological processes and mental currents. Ayurveda uses ancient treatments and techniques for curing bodily diseases. This science focuses on understanding and maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health. Ayurveda provides extensive knowledge on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of diseases, aiding in correcting physical and mental disorders.

Combining astrological remedies with Ayurvedic treatments can yield more positive results, maintaining physical and mental balance and leading to a healthy and happy life.

Creating a Routine Based on Astrology

health and astrology, best astrologer in Indore

A routine is very important in our daily life. It is crucial for our physical and mental health, and creating it based on astrology can help us live a capable and harmonious life with the planets. According to astrology, our routine can be determined based on the positions and conditions of each planet. Here are some key elements to consider while creating a routine:

  • Based on the Position of the Sun: Starting the morning with the rising Sun or shortly after is suitable for intelligence. Practicing Surya Namaskar and Pranayama in the morning can help achieve mental clarity and intelligence.
  • Based on the Position of the Moon: Including activities like meditation, prayer, and mental peace exercises at night based on the Moon’s position can be suitable for mental stability.
  • Planetary Remedies: Incorporating astrological remedies into your routine can help balance the influences of your planets. Remedies can include mantra chanting, meditation, worship, and a specific diet.
  • Diet According to Planets: Each planet has a suitable diet. For instance, hot and energy-giving foods for the Sun, and calming natural foods for the Moon.
  • Dasha and Mahadasha of Planets: Astrological dashas and mahadashas are crucial. You can control your routine according to different dashas in your life to maintain balance.

Considering all these elements, you can create your routine based on astrology. This will not only keep your physical and mental health in check but also ensure a harmonious connection with your planets.


The relationship between health and astrology is profound and unique. Astrology is not just about predicting our future, but it also plays a significant role in improving and balancing our physical and mental health. By understanding the effects of astrological planetary positions and conditions on our health, we can adopt favorable remedies to enhance our lives. Both Ayurveda and astrology are important ancient Indian sciences for a balanced and healthy life. While Ayurveda focuses on the treatment of diseases and their causes, astrology helps us understand the influence of planets and their remedies to improve our mental and physical health.  According to Best Astrologer of India Manoj Sahu Ji The combination of both these sciences helps in maintaining physical and mental equilibrium. Understanding the effects of planets like the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury and their remedies can improve our health. Practicing Surya Namaskar, wearing silver gemstones for the Sun; chanting Chandra mantras and wearing silver rings for the Moon; practicing Mangal Namaskar and wearing red coral for Mars; and chanting Budh mantras and practicing Budh Namaskar for Mercury are some effective remedies to enhance our physical and mental health. 

A daily routine based on astrology ensures physical and mental health along with favorable planetary influences. Practicing Surya Namaskar in the morning, moon meditation at night, following diet according to planets, and adhering to astrological remedies help in leading a balanced and healthy life. Ultimately, the combination of astrology and health provides a path to a more prosperous, balanced, and healthy life. It gives us a unique perspective to understand and enhance the influences of our planets, leading to a more successful and joyful life.

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