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What Is Lal Kitab?

About Lal Kitab…

As we all know Lal Kitab is a mystery in itself. Astrologer Sahu Ji says: it’s a book on Astro-palmistry written in ancient Urdu language and therefore the authorship of it’s unknown. it’s believed that remedies provided by Lal Kitab are never wrong. that’s why it’s termed as “The marvel Book of Astrology.” Lal Kitab has proclaimed distinctive remedial measures to unravel chronic and significant human issues in day to day life.

Astrologer Sahu Ji says, its remedies are low cost and among the reach of individual. Lal Kitab has additionally explained the science of  foretelling in such a good looking and clear manner that every of the forty two divisions of human brain are associated with the various houses of a man’s birth chart in such a scientific manner that the sketch of the human brain reflects accurately on the lines of the palm.

Lal Kitab (lal Qitab) following ends up in acceptive A brahamic religion  renouncing of Brahman, since it’s the part of “Tantra Udaya” that means counting on Kundalini energy of own and planetary beings. This leads one to estrange from the blessings of Para Brahman creating  rituals Cuban capital and homams become ineffective and sleeveless. Some believe that Ravana a Demon followed this observe, whose information was lost for several years once his destruction.

Myths of Lal Kitab…

Some individuals believe it to be a part of Arabian and Muslim culture and believe it to possess Persian origins, several decision it The Red Book of Persia however most acclaimed followers and researchers attribute it to be a book on branch of Jyotisha, because the book follows the planetary positions and names of Navagraha employed by religious writing individuals to relinquish predictions and remedies.

In Lal Kitab every and each facet is seen terribly seriously with relevance Vaastu, foretelling and pseudoscience. Astrologer Sahu Ji says, Lal Kitab tells us what to try and do and what to not do as per our Horoscope and Planets. a similar approach Lal Kitab additionally tells us the Precautions that we’ve to require care once Vaastu cares by taking our surroundings into thought.

Lal Kitab additionally guides to draw the particular horoscope on the premise of the lines of the palm. The date of birth and ascendant sign will be determined by reading the lines and mounts of your palm. So, during this book Astrology has been connected with respect to zodiac houses, position of planets with lines and mounts of hand.

Your birth chart should tally with mounts and features of your hand. If your Jupiter is powerful the mount of Jupiter on your hands are going to be distinguished. Similarly, if any planet is in enfeeblement or affliction the mount of same planet on your hand shall be depressed or deficient.

The author of Lal Kitab has mounted houses without numbers of signs. He invariably considers Ascendant, as initial first house doesn’t say it’s Aries ascendant however mentions, that it’s initial house, so, positions of planets in different houses ar dealt like wise.

Lal Kitab is analogous to Parashari Astrology in many ways that however Parasher’s principles are simplified in it. In Astrology of Parashar once planets if one thing acquires importance it’s house. Importance of sign or Rashi is just too less as compared to houses. A specific planet shall yield what style of results ar determined by the particular house occupied by planet. This planet shall yield the results of this house solely. Signs (Rashi) are accustomed verify the facility of the earth.

In Lal Kitab Vimshottari Dasa has not been taken in any respect. Lal Kitab has given some specific stage of our age on that a selected planet shall yield its helpful results. For exa,. Jupiter at sixteen, Mars at twenty eight, Mercury at thirty two and Saturn at thirty six years. Lal Kitab has given its own Dasha Circle additionally that gets completed once thirty five years, therefore, a similar circle is applied to our life thrice to complete one zero five years.

In Lal Kitab planets acquire completely different names like, sleeping planets, woke up planets, non secular planets, impious planets, blind planets, kind planets, slow planets. Astrologer Sahu Ji says, these names shall indicate whether or not these planets yield helpful results or not. Similarly, one specific planet is very helpful for waking up the destiny of a selected house.

In Lal Kitab yearly horoscope (Varshphal) additionally receives special attention however in keeping with Lal Kitab the strategy of constructing yearly chart is extremely completely different. For placative the maleficent planets of yearly chart the remedies counseled ought to be done among forty three days once your birth day. Lal Kitab is extremely in style in North Republic of India specially geographical region.

Lal kitab Precautions…

In Lal Kitab the sins and debts of previous life additionally receive heap of importance. to get rid of troubles remedies are counseled. the recognition of Lal Kitab is due to accuracy in prediction and effectivity of remedies that are counseled not just for planets however additionally for human behavior. In Lal Kitab majority of remedies ought to be carried in day time solely. Muhurat doesn’t receive special importance for completing these remedies. for every remedy you’re suggested to induce obviate flesh consumption, alcoholism, womanising, gender and telling lies etc.

Lal Kitab may be a easy and extraordinary book of pseudoscience. It doesn’t go far into arithmetic rather. It champions and emphasizes the importance of remedies. Lal Kitab additionally emphasizes that if one specific house, its lord, its significator sign and planet all ar afflicted in this case remedies counseled might not yield miraculous results. But, if that specific house is also under some auspicious influence in this case counseled remedies yield expected results.

The remedies provided in Lal Kitab are for a selected planet found within the birth chart. Remedies of maleficent lanets are provided principally through articles, commodities and different things, assigned to every planet. Immediate relief will be obtained from the strategies that are given in Lal Kitab.

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