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Zodiac Symbols in Astrology

If you’ve ever checked out the zodiac wheel or a birth chart, you likely noticed a series of symbols that didn’t add up . allow us to assist you out: Every zodiac sign is related to a zodiac symbol (a “mascot,” if you will)—which range from animals to mythological characters to Greek gods and goddesses. 

Zodiac Meaningful article; What are the zodiac symbols and zodiac meaning in details. If you are lover of astrology and want to know hidden sutras then here you right, just go through our article written by Best Astrologer Sahu Ji

About 12 Zodiac Symbols?

  • Aries: Ram
  • Taurus: Bull
  • Gemini: Twins
  • Cancer: Crab
  • Leo: Lion
  • Virgo: Maiden (or Virgin)
  • Libra: Scales
  • Scorpio: Scorpion
  • Sagittarius: Archer
  • Capricorn: Goat
  • Aquarius: Water-Bearer
  • Pisces: Fish

Why Use Zodiac Symbols?

These characters were created to condense information, so astrologers could easily convey data through the utilization of glyphs. The word “zodiac” springs from a Greek word meaning “circle of little animals.” So, the zodiac wheel is rich with mythology and unique characteristics for every zodiac symbol and zodiac sign. Ancient astrologers looked to the heavens and divided the sky into 12 slices, affiliating a zodiac symbols in astrology, story, and constellation to every section.
This created the inspiration of astrology as we all know it. 

But how is that the Cancer zodiac symbol different from the Leo zodiac symbol? There’s actually very specific meaning behind each sign and therefore the zodiac symbols that represent them. Here, we’ll enter more detail.

  1. Aries Zodiac Symbol:

Ram As the first check in the zodiac symbols in astrology, ancient astrologers knew that the Aries zodiac symbols in astrology needed a robust signifier—so, it had been given the Ram. 

The mythology behind this sign originates from a Greek legend that tells the story of a brave golden Ram, sent by the gods to rescue Phrixus and Helle (children of a king) from being sacrificed. Unfortunately, as they were making their escape, Helle fell from the Ram into the ocean and perished.

Her brother then sacrificed the Ram as an offering to Zeus, who gave the animal an area amongst the celebs to  commemorate its courage.

Its constellation and astrological symbol are depicted through the form of ram horns, to honor the strength and  fearlessness of this magical creature.

2. Taurus Zodiac Symbol:

Bull As a Venus-ruled sign, we all know Taurus energy may be a symbol of both beauty and love—and the Taurus zodiac symbol has the mythology to back it up.

The story behind this member of the zodiac symbols in astrology takes us back to the times of Greek mythology , and the way Zeus won the guts of the gorgeous princess, Europa. Determined to earn the affections of this royal lady, he transformed himself
into a shocking white Bull. Taken by the facility and glory of this animal, Eurpoa climbed on its back and was carried off to Crete, where she bore him a son. To honor this act of affection,  Taurus was given an area amongst the celebs.

The Taurus glyph shows the form of a Bull’s head, with a circle and two horns protruding from the highest.

3. Gemini Zodiac Symbol:

Twins Known as “The Twins,” Geminis everywhere set the quality when it involves the importance of getting a partner.

The story behind this cosmic archetype tells the story of dual brothers, Castor and Pollux. They were revered as talented warriors, fighting alongside a number of the foremost epic heroes in Greek mythology . Sadly, Castor was eventually killed in battle, leaving his brother completely distraught. Unable to see a future without his most trusted ally, Pollux asked Zeus to let him join his brother within the afterlife. Touched by this request, Zeus transformed both of the brothers into the Gemini constellation, in order that they could shine together within the night sky for all eternity.

The Gemini zodiac symbols in astrology shows the brothers as two lines set side by side, connected within the glyph, as they were in life.

4. Cancer Zodiac Symbol: Crab

While Cancer signs tend to be nurturing and compassionate, the mythology behind it carries a violent story.

Hercules was ordered by the gods to finish a series of tasks, including defeating the ocean monster, Hydra. However, this creature was a beloved pet of Hera’s, so she created an enormous Crab with menacing pinchers to assist her  beloved marine animal in battle. Hercules ultimately prevailed, crushing the enormous Crab and killing the Hydra. As a gift for the Crab’s sacrifice and bravado, Hera gave it an area amongst the celebs, creating the constellation Cancer.

The Cancer zodiac symbols in astrology shows two crab claws, allowing the story of this devoted servant to measure on.

5. Leo Zodiac Symbol: Lion

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Leos are known for his or her skin , a trait which will little question be traced back to its origin story.

The Nemean lion was a fierce beast, with a coat of armor that made it impervious to arrows, swords, and other weapons. For this reason, it had been a touch of a menace, kidnapping maidens as how to lure warriors into its lair, where it might kill and devour them.
Eventually, Hercules was sent to defeat this magnificent beast, which he did together with his bare hands. Once the battle was won, Hercules skinned the animal, using its pelt to form armor for himself. In an attempt to commemorate the glory of this battle, the gods gave the Lion an area within the cosmos.

Today, the Leo zodiac symbols in astrology depicts the top and pelt of the
Lion, showcasing the strength it represents.

6. Virgo Zodiac Symbol: Maiden

The emergence of Virgo are often linked to a spread of mythological stories. it’s ties to several different cultures, all depicting Virgo as a gorgeous goddess.

Babylonian folklore paints her because the goddess of fertility (Ishtar), the Romans believed her to be the goddess of Justice (Astraea), while the Greeks equated her to the goddess of harvest (Ceres), also as her daughter (Persephone). The one common thread amongst these myths shows a caring, pure, benevolent goddess, with the intent to assist others. It’s through these myths that Virgos receive their helpful nature, and that they are perhaps one among the foremost accommodating members of the zodiac. 

The Virgo zodiac symbols in astrology shows an “M” with a curved circle beginning of the last leg—which is supposed to represent the innocence and introspection that comes with this sign.

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