Marriage Astrology

Marriage Astrology

Marriage astrology in Vedic Astrology has all the answers associated with marriage when, how and married life afterward. Your search on the web would find mostly blaming the various planets mainly Venus & Jupiter and different doshas like Mangal Dosh, Manglik Dosh, Nadi Dosh, No marriage Yoga etc for all marriage related issues. But does one know repeatedly , we ourselves or our closest people are liable for causing issues in pre-marriage and after marriage lifetime of a person? My this write up may be a little different explaining human factor and human errors causing concerns in pre and post marriage related issues.

Vedic Marriage Astrology

 Marriage Astrology, best astrologer in Indore

These are different & additionally to the explanations explained through horoscope and planetary positions. Though ultimately both these factors will finally supplement one another towards creating and resolving marriage related issues. This subject is so vast that it’s impossible to elucidate all astrological aspects and my methodology during a single write up. Therefore I even have given narration during a layman’s language with related techincal explainations in several blogs. One can select his / her area of concern & then see the detailed explainations accordingly.

All about marriage astrology, predictions.
Marriage isn’t only the Union of two souls but also very significant for two existing families then 2 future dynasties. Another factor is that with the graduated status of females in society, the general perception of marriage has become totally different.

The society is not any longer a male-dominated society. Therefore my blog on Marriage Astrology is especially associated with reasons caused by human him/herself than only blaming planets in Horoscope & its planetary positions.

Some common questions in many minds

  1. When will i buy married?
  2. How are going to be my life partner/spouse?
  3. Will I even have a love marriage or arranged marriage?
  4. How are going to be my married life?
  5. What is my progeny?
  6. Will I even have quite one marriage?

Can all get married?

My focus here isn’t to narrate the known & discussed reasons for delay in marriage. Marriages are made in Heaven and performed at earth is usually we hear. However, my point here is that to specialise in factors like dynamics of society, changing levels of education, awareness through social media. Furthermore, another vital fibrinogen .e evolution in female’s status in modern society has really changed the circumstances on the world . So astrology also must co-relate the wedding related issues with such factors.

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No Marriage Yoga is merely a myth

Let me state there’s nothing called no marriage yoga. In my opinion all should marry . There might be some planetary position showing no marriage Yoga and this we will lookout by performing some small rituals. But yes, if there are some human factors resulting in prove that there’s no marriage Yoga, it becomes little harder to beat these factors. this is often because planetary positions are still (fixed) inactive once these decipher within the chart, these don’t move.

But if human factors become reasons resulting in a no marriage yoga situation, these remain active & don’t let the wedding happen. Don’t get surprised when the native him / herself cause reasons for this no marriage yoga or the closest ones even father, mother, siblings become the hurdle. Reasons might be different for delay in marriage but there’s nothing like no-marriage Yoga.Now if this is often your present concern read more no marriage yogaelse proceed further.

Reasons for delay in marriage

The doers of marriage are the Venus and therefore the Jupiter, one is that the Guru of the demons, and therefore the other is that the Guru of the Gods. Both these Gurus must be suitably placed and will be supportive of every other in order that the event of marriage takes place. Adverse placement of those two planets surely reduces the probabilities of marriage. However, these are curable. Let me explain both the sets of reasons planetary obstructions and human factors resulting in delay in marriage. Now if this is often your present concern read more on reasons for delay in marriage else proceed further.

Planetary combinations for delay in marriage

Different sages have given some classic combinations which negate or cause delay in marriage. Let me first count some important combinations out of these:

The combination of Venus and Mars combine within the 5th, 7th and 9th house.
Presence of Dhoom & Kaal within the seventh house.
When Venus gets hemmed between bad planets. Or if there’s a nasty planet within the 4th or 8th or 12th from Venus..
When bad planets just like the Sun, Mars or Saturn occupy the 7th House. And any intrinsically bad planet aspects there, then there’s a delay in marriage.

Mars within the seventh house and aspected by an intrinsically bad planet barren of the person of marriage.
A weak seventh lord is positioned within the TrikBhav (6,8,12) then there are often a delay in marriage.
Sun and Venus within the 5th,7th or 9th house also cause a delay in marriage. Or can barren of the person of marital happiness.
The combination of Venus and Mercury within the seventh house.
Now as explained above, above ten combinations are few which may delay the wedding of an individual . Or in other words, can cause marital unrest.

Human & dynamic reasons for delay in marriage

Now this is often most interesting a part of this blog. and that i can assure you that generally, you’d not find mention of those reasons anywhere. On the planetary obstructions causing marriage related issues , we will still do some efforts & small help from rituals can balance out these placements. But we cannot easily combat the explanations with self -interest or wrong perceptions by human causing delay in marriage or other marriage related issues. And let me state here that these sorts of reasons are very difficult to combat as these are our self-creations. These reasons are getting more & more prudent with changing dynamics of your time . Now if this is often your present concern human reasons for delay in marriage else proceed further.

Manglik Dosh for the delay in marriage

I have experienced an outsized no of individuals blaming Mangal Dosh or Manglik Dosh for marital unrest. They blame this poor mangal dosh for all their marital unrest both before and after the wedding . But my experience of two decades allows me to mention that fifty of such people are literally not Manglik in the least . A deep study of Marriage Astrology ridicules that Manglik dosh may be a major reason for the delay in marriage. So whenever anyone feels or is told that Mangal dosh is causing debacle in their marriage related matter, take an expert’s opinion whether you’re really manglik also or NOT. it’s easy but needs an expert’s hand to determine if you’re Manglik. Now if this is often your present concern read more am I manglik else proceed further. Don’t blame only Manglik Dosh for the delay in marriage

Can a Manglik marry a non –Manglik?

This is again a well spread and contained myth. I very firmly believe that if in the least you’re a Manglik, you’ll marry a non-manglik. And this is often not a random statement but has scientific base. My contention here is that we should always attempt to match the Kundli of a Manglik with a Kundli which may counter balance the ills of Mangal Dosh. it’s not in the least essential that a Manglik should marry only another Manglik. to elucidate in simple words if you’ve got a Mangal Dosh (say you’re a Lame), you ought to not marry another Manglik (Lame).

On the contrary you ought to anticipate to a kundli which may counter balance your effects of being Manglik. I even have explained it substantially that a Manglik can marry non – Manglik. Now if this is often your present concern can a Manglik marry a non manglik else proceed further.


Marriage Astrology & matching for marriage:

Kundli Milan or matching of charts for marriage simply doing Gun Milan may be a gross & blunt error. This Gun Milan in Kundli Milan is feasible through online marriage reports and there are “n” nos of stereotype software available in abundance. If the matching of charts for marriage is so simple, probably everyone can evaluate charts matching. In my opinion, Gun Milan is merely a preliminary step towards matching charts for marriage.

And that i give only 10% weightage to Gun Milan while giving my recommendations for marriage either way. Actually, matching of charts for marriage should consider all factors of comprehensive marriage compatibility. of these tools are available within the true principles of Marriage Astrology. Now if this is often your present concern read more matching of charts for marriage else proceed further.

I approve marriages even with 12/14 Gun matching out of 36 and sometimes even with 30/32 I disapprove OF the wedding . This becomes more relevant once we study the general stature of females in modern society. Further, increasing aspirations of both spouses and more therefore the relationship of every other’s family. Reading about these comprehensive marriage compatibility factors is vital not just for marriage aspirants but also for people that face issues in their post married life. Any issues in your married life, i’m sure you’d be ready to co-relate it with one or the opposite factor is either missing or in conflict.

Progeny and marriage astrology

Proper matching of charts for marriage clearly indicates the progeny prospects. We marry to not enjoy our natural life but a really important think about mind is to increase our families. Vedic astrology has vast explanations on how and once you should plan your child. It can also reveal how would be your offsprings. What would be the impact of youngsters on you and vice-versa? If there’s a childlessness Yoga in any of the horoscopes? we will foresee of these factors and may surely take suitable pre-cautions at the proper time. More insight on this will be read from my specific blog on this. Now if this is often your present concern read more progeny and childlessness else proceed further.

The final say on marriage astrology & its tools

So take full benefits of varied tools of marriage astrology. Understand the proper time when will you marry? Whom do you have to marry? How would be your married life? How would be your progeny? Reading all this always remember that sometimes we’ve some negative doshas in horoscope. But negative dosha might not always be harmful rather timely care with more of Karma Correction can even mould the results to your advantage. Here planetary transits assist you greatly provided we all know which transit will assist you and when.

Some common marriage related question:

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Which home is seen for marriage in Horoscope?
We see 7th house mainly for marriage in horoscope.

Which planet indicates Love Marriage in Horoscope?
Venus ( Shukra), Mangal ( Mars) & Saturn ( Shani) in Horoscope indicate the likelihood of getting Love Marriage.

Will I even have a love marriage or arranged marriage?

Different house of the horoscope are seen to see this. 5th and 7th house in your horoscope indicate that you simply will have a Love Marriage. 7th & 2nd house in your horoscope indicate that you simply will have an arranged marriage.

How are going to be my spouse?

Proper study of 7th and 4th house during a horoscope indicate how are going to be your spouse, which direction, background your spouse will come, about the personality of your would be spouse. this will even offer you more idea & really helps in refining your look for a spouse.

What does my horoscope say about my marriage?
Proper analysis of 7th house during a horoscope can aptly tell you all about your marriage. this will tell you the timing also of the wedding .

Why i’m not getting married?

An Inflicted Navamsha chart in horoscope can cause the explanations for you not getitng marired. There are often many reasons both planetary combinations or maybe self created human reasons for you not getting married.

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