Lal Kitab Astrology

Best Lal Kitab astrologer in indore Acharya Manoj Sahu Ji says that Lal kitab is a popular astrology system with stress on Karmic debts and planetary placements. While Lal Kitab is based on Vedic Jyotish it has enough differences to make it a separate system from Vedic Jyotish..

What are Lal Kitab Debt?

According to Lal Kitab the karmic effect of last birth is carried on in the new birth. The debts comes from the last birth will be repaid in the current birth.The Lal Kitab kundali accounts those debts and also prescribes remedies to lessen the burden of those debts and enjoy your life

Lal Kitab Remedies Easy to Use

Lal Kitab is very useful for everyone. Its remedies are affordable, easy and provide quick results. The effect of remedies is unbelievable. It is said that these remedies are especially suitable for quick results in Kaliyuga as the traditional methods. Mantra, Yagya, Japa, Havana etc. have become very difficult in this period. The remedies are as easy in throwing something in running water, Daan, Forgiveness, or establishing something in home. However, beware that Lal Kitab remedies can also backfire,

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